help for svresttest

{title:Testing combinations of statistics after svrest

svresttest test_specification_involving_stats


svresttest is a kludge to make svytest (and the underlying test work after svrest. svrest names the estimates "stat1" "stat2", etc. svytest requires that variables of those names exist for expressions, such as svytest stat1=stat2.

This program creates empty variables with those names, as necessary, so that svytest will run.

Specify the test (ie, the test_specification_involving_stats) exactly as you would for svytest.


. svrest "regress mpg price weight" "_b[price]/_b[weight] _b[price]-_b[weight]" . svresttest stat1=stat2

The first command runs svrest, and creates two estimated statistics, which are named "stat1" and "stat2". Then the equality of these two (rather silly) statistics is tested.


Nick Winter Cornell University nw53@cornell.edu