help for svybsamp2

Re-sampling for complex survey data

svybsamp2 , [if exp] [in range]

svybsamp2 requires that the survey design variables be identified using > svyset, see help svyset


svybsamp2 creates a new data set with _N randomly drawn observations (with replacement). Similarly to svybsamp (if installed), the procedure respects survey design, re-sampling within different combinations of strata and PSU. Therefore using the inflation factors (pweight, see help weights) the new sample can be used to get to the original "super-population".

svybsamp2 improves considerably the speed compared to the original svybsamp. However, the re-samplying procedure becomes slower as the number of strata in the sample increases.


local i=1 while `i'<100 { svybsamp2 qui svyreg y x1 x2 if `i'==1 { matrix `b'=`b`i'' } else { matrix `b'=`b'+`b`i'' } }


Rafael E. De Hoyos, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge. red29@cam.ac > .uk

Jaime Ruiz-Tagle, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge. jr280@cam.ac.u > k

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