help for ^univar^

univariate summary with box-and-whiskers plot - ---------------------------------------------

^univar^ varlist [weight] [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] [ ^, box^plot ^by^var^(^bylist^) d^ec^(^#^)^ ^fmt(^[f|g]^) l^stwise ^se^ ^vl^abel]

^aweights^ and ^fweights^ are allowed; see help @weights@.

Description - -----------

^univar^ displays a univariate summary of each variable in varlist, using a hori- zontal format resembling that of @summarize@ without the ^detail^ option. However, the output includes a five-number summary (minimum, 25th, 50th, 75th percent- iles, and maximum) normally available only with the ^detail^ option of @summarize@.

Options - -------

^boxplot^ adds a simplified box-and-whiskers plot to the output for each variable in varlist. The plot is drawn using typewriter characters immediately above the variable's summary statistics. All plots occupy the same screen width and use the following scheme for representing the five-number summary:

-----------------:::::::::::|:::::::::::::::------------------------- ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ Min P25 P50 P75 Max

^byvar(^bylist^)^ displays a summary of the varlist variables for the subset of ob- servations at each unique set of values of the bylist variables. The data need not be sorted by the bylist variables, and the current sort order of the data is not disturbed.

^dec(^#^)^ controls the number of decimal places used in printing the summary val- ues; the default value of # is 2. (The sample size is always shown in %7.0f format.)

^fmt(^[f|g]^)^ chooses between %8.#f and %8.#g format for printing the summary val- ues; the default format is %8.#f.

^lstwise^ requests list-wise treatment of missing values (observations are ignor- ed if any of the varlist variables has a missing value). By default, mis- sing values are handled in variable-wise fashion.

^se^ requests that the standard error of the mean (s/sqrt(n)) be displayed in the place otherwise used for the sample standard deviation (s).

^vlabel^ displays the variable label (if present) for each varlist variable.

Examples - --------

. ^univar xa xb^ (Mean, SD, and 5-number summary of all non-missing values of variable xa, and all non-missing values of variable xb)

. ^univar xa xb, lst se box^ (Mean, SE, and 5-number summary for all observations where both variables xa and xb are non-missing; include a box-and-whiskers plot for each variable)

. ^univar ht wt bp if time > 0 in 1/100, by(treat center) d(0) fmt(g) vl^ (Mean, SD, and 5-number summary of all non-missing values of variables ht, wt, and bp, using only cases where time>0 among the first 100 observations. Display results for each combination of the variables treat and center, and show results in %8.0g format. Show the variable label on the line above the summary statistics, for each of variables ht, wt, and bp.)

Author - ------ John R. Gleason, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, USA (loesljrg@@ican.net)

Also see - --------

Manual: [R] oneway; [R] summarize; [R] table On-line: help for @oneway@, @summarize@, @table@, @tabsum@, @tabulate@