help for ^univstat^

Summary statistics in matrix form ---------------------------------

^univstat^ varlist [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] [weight] [ , ^m^atname^(^matrix_name^) s^tat^(^list of statistics^)^ matlist_options ] ^univstat^ varname [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] [weight] [ , ^by(^byvar^) m^atname^(^matrix_name^) s^tat^(^list of statistics^)^ matlist_options separate_options ]

Description -----------

^univstat^ calculates and displays for the r variables in varlist and the c statistics specified by ^stat( )^ an r X c matrix containing each statistic for each variable.

Options -------

^by( )^ is allowed only with a single varname. Results are given separately for each group of observations defined by distinct values of byvar. In fact, ^separate^ is used to generate separate variables that remain for the duration of the program.

separate_options that are allowed with ^by( )^ are ^generate( )^, ^sequential^ and ^missing^. See help on @separate@.

^stat( )^ specifies the summary statistic(s). Each must be a saved result of ^summarize^, or the standard deviation, or the standard error of the mean, or the interquartile range, or the range. The following are accepted specifications:

one of summary statistic ------ ----------------- 1 n N number of observations 2 sum_w sum of weight 3 mean mean 4 Var var variance sd SD standard deviation se SE standard error of the mean 5 min minimum 6 max maximum 7 p5 5th percentile 8 p10 10th percentile 9 p25 25th percentile 10 p50 med median 50th percentile (median) 11 p75 75th percentile 12 p90 90th percentile 13 p95 95th percentile 14 skew skewness skewness 15 kurt kurtosis kurtosis 16 p1 1st percentile 17 p99 99th percentile 18 sum sum of variable iqr IQR interquartile range range range

The numbers 1 ... 18 refer to _result(1),...,_result(18) as stored after @summarize@.

The default is 3 or mean.

^matname( )^ saves the matrix produced in the matrix named.

matlist_options are those allowed with ^matrix list^. See help for @matrix@.

Examples --------

. ^univstat a b c, m(means)^ . ^univstat a b c, m(fivenum) s(min p25 med p75 max)^ . ^univstat a b c, s(skew kurt) f(%9.3f)^

Author ------

Nicholas J. Cox, University of Durham, U.K. n.j.cox@@durham.ac.uk

Also see --------

On-line: help for @summarize@, @matrix@, @separate@, @univar@ (if installed) Manual: [R] summarize