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Get US dollar exchange rates from the Federal Reserve



Description usd queries the website of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System at and returns daily (business day) US dollar exchange rates. You just need to specify the currency. A list of possible currencies is given below.

BRD - Broad currency index (Mar 73 = 100) MJC - Major currency index (Mar 73 = 100) OIT - OITP currency index (Jan 97 = 100) AUD - Australia / U.S. Dollars per Australian Dollar BRL - Brazil / Real CAD - Canada / Canadian Dollar CNY - China / Yuan Renminbi DKK - Denmark / Danish Krone EUR - Euro Area / U.S. Dollars per Euro HKD - Hong Kong / Hong Kong Dollar INR - India / Indian Rupee JPY - Japan / Yen MVR - Maldives / Rufiyaa MXN - Mexico / Mexican Peso NZD - New Zealand / U.S. Dollars per New Zealand Dollar NOK - Norway / Norwegian Krone SGD - Singapore / Singapore Dollar ZAL - South Africa / Rand (financial) KRW - South Korea / Republic of Korean Won LKR - Sri Lanka / Sri Lankan Rupee SEK - Sweden / Swedish Krona CHF - Switzerland / Swiss Franc TWD - Taiwan / Taiwan Dollar THB - Thailand / Baht GBP - United Kingdom / U.S Dollars per Pound Sterling VEB - Venezuela / Bolivar


The Federal Reserve System website has a slow but relatively good Data Download > Program. It provides several possibilities but it does not provide an inventory index to > programmatically know what's available. This is a usual weakness of this type of service. The EC > B has a similarly good system (which like supports SDMX) but suffers from hav > ing no inventory index as well. This means it is hard to program the data API and can only do so statically. Th > at's why we download the entire series every time and that's why we only do daily rates > and not monthly or annual. We do leave the year month and date so the user can produce > easily produce weekly, monthly or annual averages.

The stata links above tell you what it is you are downloading. For example usd > EUR will give you US dollars per euro whereas usd CHF will give you Swiss francs per US dollar.

The usual disclaimers apply. I wrote this for myself because I experiment with > data which I need to get fresh and fast from diverse sources. I put it out for fun. Use at your own > risk.

We return all the labels we get from the provisioning service so consult return > list.

Author Nikos Askitas, IZA, Bonn, Germany. Email: