help uselab


uselab -- List value labels and variables using them


uselab [namelist] [current variables]

where namelist is a list of value label names, a varlist, or a combination of the two


uselab lists value label names and all variables they are attached to. It provides the same information as official Stata's uselabel, but without creating a dataset. If namelist is not specified, all value labels in memory are listed together with all variables that use them.


current lists value label names in the current label language only.

variables causes namelist to be interpreted as a varlist. If not specified, uselab will figure out whether name is a labelname or a varname for itself.


. sysuse nlsw88 . uselab . uselab mar coll

Saved results

uselab saves the following in r():

Macros r(lblname) varlist using value label lblname r(languages) value label languages (multiligual datasets only)


The major part of the code used is borrowed from official Stata's uselabel.


Daniel Klein, University of Bamberg,

Also see

Online: uselabel, label

if installed: labutil2