help for usepackage

Program to find and install a list of user-written packages needed to run a do > -file

usepackage pkgnames [ , update nearest ]


usepackage finds and installs user-written packages that are needed to run a do-file. When sharing a do-file that contains calls to user-written commands from SSC or elsewhere, you can use usepackage to include a list of packages rather than writing a series of net install or ssc install commands to install a list of user-written packages (or instructing the user to find and install a list of packages via commands like findit or search) from net-aware Stata.

Since the do-file will need to first include a command to install usepackage from SSC:

ssc install usepackage

usepackage will only save typing if more than one package is needed to run a do-file.

usepackage is particularly useful when user-written packages come from locations other than the SSC Archives because usepackage first searches the SSC and then if it does not find a match it searches other internet locations (e.g., those searched by net search by default), including but not limited to user-written additions published in the Stata Journal (SJ) and the Stata Technical Bulletin (STB). Otherwise, in order to install user packages, such as statplot (from SSC) or dropmiss (from Stata Journal), the user would need to include in the do-file lines:

ssc install statplot, replace net install dm89_1, from(http://www.stata-journal.com/software/sj8-4)


update forces usepackage to update all user-written commands specified in pkgnames if they are already installed.

nearest specifies that, after looking for an exact match for each command listed in pkgnames on SSC and other internet locations searched by net search, usepackage should install its best match of a similar package name found in a net search (that is, packages with words in the title or description matching the unmatched command in the pkgnames list). For example, the command:

usepackage statplo would return no matches; however, if you also specified the nearest option, usepackage would find and install the user-written package statplot as the nearest match.


If usepackage does not find a match for a command in the pkglist in the SSC Archives, it next searches other internet locations searched by net search. In doing so, usepackage produces the full net search output in the Results window. Currently, this output cannot be surpressed. The reason for this is that usepackage searches for the matching packages and descriptions in a log-file of this output. Further, this output cannot be surpressed by running usepackage quietly (doing so will produce an error).

usepackage is partly inspired by the LaTeX command with the same name (\usepackage{}) and similar functionality.


// Setup // ** Uninstall user packages statplot and bacon . cap ado uninstall statplot //uinstall package statplot . cap ado uninstall st0197 //uninstall package bacon

** Specify that usepackage is installed from SSC . cap ssc install usepackage // Install a list of user packages from various internet locations // . usepackage estout dropmiss rtfutil ralpha mac_unab

// Install missing package statplot (from SSC) // . usepackage statplot

// Install missing package bacon (aka package st0197) (from Stata Journal) // . usepackage bacon

** Alternatively: . usepackage st0197, update

// Install and Update packages, including near-matches, from various locations > // . usepackage tabou dropmis num2wor, near up


Eric A. Booth, Texas A&M University ebooth@ppri.tamu.edu http://www.eric-a-booth.com

Also see

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