Boston College

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Department of
Slavic and Eastern Languages

6th Graduate Dostoevskij Summer Program in Sankt-Peterburg 2001
13 June - 24 July 2001


For the summer of 2001 the Department of Slavic & Eastern Languages at Boston College is presenting its fourth graduate-level summer session on the works of Dostoevskij at the Dostoevskij Museum in Sankt-Peterburg ( Literaturno-memorial'nyj muzej F.M. Dostoevskogo).

The summer session is designed for post-AB American students with at least three to four years of Russian-language study who are working on PhD or MA degrees in Russian or Comparative Literature or who intend to enter such a program.

Leading literary specialists from the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences ( Pushkinskij dom), St Petersburg University, the Gercen Institute, and the Dostoevskij Museum conduct the courses and seminars for the program and provide consultation on research and dissertation topics. A team of faculty members from American and Russian universities coordinates the program and supervises the academic offerings.

All lectures in the program are conducted in Russian. Assistants from the Dostoevskij Museum work one-on-one with students to help them adjust to Russian academic life and to access and get the most from the collections and archives at the Museum, the Pushkinskij Dom, and the Saltykov-Shchedrin Library.

Advanced Russian Literary Studies
Lectures and seminars in Russian with renowned scholars and facilities at the Dostoevskij Museum and the Pushkinskij Dom.
Individual research work on MA theses or PhD dissertations under the direction of outstanding scholars at the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushkinskij Dom), the University of Sankt-Peterburg (LGU), and the Gercen Institute.
Working access to the archives of the Pushkinskij Dom, the Saltykov-Shchedrin State Public Library, as well as to other renowned collections in Sankt-Peterburg.
Living in private families
Boarding and a room of one's own with a Russian family, living in and enjoying the hospitality of a Russian family -- and avoiding insitutional life in bleak dormitories or long food queues.
Personal and dedicated assistance with the ins and outs of Russian language, Russian academic practices, and cultural acclimatization.
A cultural program presenting the architectural monuments of Sankt-Peterburg and the surrounding area, excursions to the theater and museums, films and special lectures, all focusing on Dostoevskij.
Receiving full transferable academic degree credit
Enrollment as a full-time graduate student (special-student status) for six credits (= two courses) in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Boston College, while participating in a carefully designed research and instructional program at the Dostoevskij Museum.
All-inclusive cost
Travel (BOS/JFK-StPetersburg-return, FinnAir via Helsinki or Lufthansa via Frankfurt), visa, tuition (6 credits [90+ hours]) & graduate registration, private room & board in a Russian family, full cultural program)
$4425 est

Program application available as
For additional information on the program contact:
Department of Slavic & Eastern Languages
Boston College / Lyons 210
attn Prof Cynthia Simmons
Chestnut Hill MA 02467-3804 (USA)

voice: +1-617/ 552.3910 (.3912)
fax: +1-617/ 552.2286

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Administrative staff:
Kand Natal'ja T. Ashimbaeva (Dostoevskij Museum), Executive director
Prof M.J. Connolly (Boston College), Chairman (USA)
Prof Boris F. Egorov (Inst. istorii-RAN), Program coordinator
Prof Nina Perlina (Indiana), Institutional Coordinator
Prof Cynthia Simmons (Boston College), Institutional coordinator

Instructional staff [1997]:
Kand Natal'ja T. Ashimbaeva (Dostoevskij Museum)
Kand Konstantin A. Barsht (Gercen Univ.)
Vera S. Biron (Dostoevskij Museum)
Marianna I. Bursovani (Dostoevskij Museum)
Natal'ja V. Chernova (Dostoevskij Museum)
Prof Boris F. Egorov (Inst. istorii-RAN)
Valentina A. Egorova (Dostoevskij Museum)
Prof Nina Perlina (Indiana Univ.)
Natal'ja V. Shvarc (Dostoevskij Museum)
Kand doc Boris N. Tixomirov (Dostoevskij Museum)
Dr Vladimir A. Tunimanov (Inst. rs. lit.-RAN)
Svjashch. Gennadij V. Ukrainskij (Dostoevskij Museum)

Frequently asked questions

Is financial aid available?
The program has been costed to break even and to provide maximum benefit to students with the funding obtained, i.e. there is no 'soft' money in the program, and we are paying for all services in dollars. Check with your home institution for traveling fellowships and summer support-fund opportunities. Indiana University, for example, through the Foreign Programs office is making every effort to provide 'portable' financial aid for its students on the program. Also, if the number of students on the program rises above twelve some funding for student assistance will become available.

When will the exact cost for the 1998 program be set?
The Board of Trustees of Boston College meets in late January to set the tuition rate for FY2001, to which the summer semester 2000 belongs. 2000/2001 graduate tution for 6 credits (2 courses) was $4215. Present indications are that tuition will rise by around 5%, so we are working with an estimate of $4425.

How does one apply?
In addition to whatever procedures you will need for transfer accommodation at your home institution, you will need to submit:
--an application as a special student in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Boston College
--a St Petersburg program application, and
--an official transcript from your most recent studies.
We are working to streamline the application process and hope to make it available on line shortly.
You will also need photographs and documents for a Russian visa once you have been accepted to the program. If we have enough students to make it budgetarily possible, we take care of the regular Russian visa fee. Otherwise the student must arrange this but will receive the necessary invitation from the Dostoevskij Museum.

I'd like to stay with some people I know in Saint Petersburg.
That can usually be arranged. We will even pay your friends the same per diem that our own xozjajki would get.

What about special travel arrangements?
Our agent will be glad to set these up for you. You will only need to pay as extra the difference between the regular Boston-StPetersburg fare and whatever your special needs cost.
If you need to leave earlier than the beginning of the seminar or depart later, that can also be arranged with proper advance notice. You need only pay for any additional costs entailed.

Sample lecture topics [from 1997 session], all in Russian, 92 hours total
Some cultural program features [1997] in addition to lecture tours above: 010108j cnnmj