International Summer Seminar for Bulgarian Studies
at Sts. Cyril and Methodius University, Veliko Turnovo

This Program is tuition-free for Bulgarian-language students at Boston College.

Academic component

Internationally attended by over 100 students and scholars, this program offers Bulgarian language classes in small groups and at all levels as well as lecture series and workshops in East European/ Slavic/ Bulgarian History, Politics, Literature, Linguistics, and Folklore.
Students may choose a three- or two-week program.


Cultural component

Located at the crossroads of the ancient Roman, Greek, Slavic, and Islamic civilizations, Bulgaria offers a rich cultural experience.
Therefore, participants in the program enjoy organized visits to fascinating places of Bulgarian history, art, and architecture as well as cultural evenings of Balkan music, poetry, film, and folk dancing.



The beautiful town of Veliko Turnovo was the capital of Bulgaria from the 9th though the 14th century and a major cultural center where the earliest Slavic literature developed.

For further information and registration, contact Prof Mariela Dakova and visit [UTF-8 encoded]
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