OECD Business Sector Database

Available in Stata format over the web (BC network only):

use http://fmwww.bc.edu/ec-p/data/oecd/bsdb.dta

You must set mem 2m in Stata to use these data.

cty Three-letter country abbreviation
qrt Calendar quarter and year (in format nQ19nn)
year Calendar year (integer)
qtr Calendar quarter (integer)
cfkg Consumption of Fixed Capital, Government
cgv Government Consumption, Volume
cgw Government Consumption, Wages
cpv Private Consumption, Volume
ee Total Dependent Employment
eep Dependant Employment in Private Sector
eg Employment, Government
es Self-Employed
et Total Employment
etb Employment, Business
eufw Unpaid Family Workers
exch Exchange Rate $US per local)
gdp Gross Domestic Product Market prices), Value
gdpb GDP at factor costless Gorvernment Wages at current prices
gdpbv Gross Domestic Product,Business Factor CostVolume
gdpv Gross Domestic Product Market prices), Volume
hrs Average Hours Per Employee
ibbv Gross Fixed Cap.Form ., Business Sector, Volume Broad Def.)
ibcsv Business Sector Investment, Coverage Adjustment volume
ig Fixed Investment, Government, Value
igv Government Investment, Volume
ih Investment in Housing
ihv Investment in Housing, Volume
irl Interest Rate, Long-Term
irs Interest Rate, Short-Term
isk Stockbuilding, Private, Value
iskv Stockbuilding, Private, Volume
it Total Fixed Investment, Excl. Stockbuilding
itv Total Fixed Investment Excl Stockbuilding), Volume
kbv Capital Stock, Business
mgsv Imports Goods and Services, N.A. Basis, Volume
nitv Net Indirect Taxes, Volume
pcg Deflator, Government final consumption expenditure
pcgw Deflator, Government Consumption of Goods and Services, Wages
pcp Deflator, Private Consumption
pgdp Deflator for GDP at Market Prices
pib Deflator for Business Investment
pig Deflator, Fixed Investment, Government
pih Deflator for housing Investment
pit Deflator for Total Investment
pmgs Deflator, Imports of Goods and Services
pxgs Deflator, Exports of Goods and Services
rscrb Scrapping Rate of Capital Business)
tind Indirect Taxes
tsub Subsidies
tyb Direct Taxes, Business
unr Unemployment Rate
wsse Compensation per Employee, Private Sector
wsss Compensation of Employees
xgsv Exports Goods and Services, N.A. Basis, Volume

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