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Research Professor Peter Gottschalk

Senior Research Affiliate, National Poverty Center, University of Michigan

Research Affiliate, Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin

Research Associate, Center for Retirement Research, Boston College

Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

Department of Economics
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 USA
tel: 617.552.4517
fax: 617.552.2308

Personal Home Page

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1973
Joined the economics faculty, 1987

Research interests:

Labor economics and human resource economics

Curriculum vitae


Link: Access Working Papers and Published Works via RePEc

Downloadable Boston College Working Papers

Working Paper 740. Alessandro Barattieri, Susanto Basu and Peter Gottschalk, "Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky Wages" (06/2010; PDF)

Working Paper 697. Robert Moffitt (Johns Hopkins University) and Peter Gottschalk, "Trends in the Transitory Variance of Male Earnings in the U.S., 1970-2004" (12/2008)

Working Paper 696. Peter Gottschalk, Erika McEntarfer (U.S. Treasury) and Robert Moffitt (Johns Hopkins University), "Trends in the Transitory Variance of Male Earnings in the U.S., 1991-2003: Preliminary Evidence from LEHD data" (12/2008)

Working Paper 649. Peter Gottschalk and Minh Huynh (U.S. Social Security Administration), "Are Earnings Inequality and Mobility Overstated? The Impact of Non-Classical Measurement Error" (08/2006: 681 Kb, PDF; forthcoming, Review of Economics and Statistics)

Working Paper 611. Peter Gottschalk, "Downward Nominal Wage Flexibility: Real or Measurement Error?" (10/2004: 710 Kb, PDF format; published, Review of Economics and Statistics, 87:3, 556-568, 2005)

Working Paper 567. Peter Gottschalk, "Can Work Alter Welfare Recipients' Beliefs about How They Will Fare in the Labor Market?" (06/2003: 236 Kb, PDF format; published, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2005)

Working Paper 560. Peter Gottschalk and Sheldon Danziger (University of Michigan), "Wage Inequality, Earnings Inequality and Poverty in the U.S. Over the Last Quarter of the Twentieth Century" (05/2003: 2.5 Mb, PDF format; published, Review of Income and Wealth, 2005)

Working Paper 543. Helen Connolly (Northeastern University) and Peter Gottschalk, " Wage Cuts as Investment in Future Wage Growth: Some Evidence" (rev. 09/2004: 382 Kb, PDF; forthcoming, Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations)

Working Paper 498. Helen Connolly and Peter Gottschalk, "Do Earnings Subsidies Affect Job Choice? The Impact of SSP Subsidies on Wage Growth" (rev. 08/2006: 327 Kb, PDF; forthcoming, Canadian Journal of Economics)

Working Paper 473. Helen Connolly and Peter Gottschalk, "Differences in Wage Growth by Education Level: Do Less Educated Workers Gain Less from Work Experience?" (rev. 08/2006: 341 Kb, PDF format)

Working Paper 444. Robert A. Moffitt (Johns Hopkins University) and Peter Gottschalk, "Trends in the Variances of Permanent and Transitory Earnings in the U.S. and their Relation to Earnings Mobility" (Rev. 11/98: 7.6 Mb, PDF format)

Working Paper 459. Peter Gottschalk and Enrico Spolaore (Brown University), "On the Evaluation of Economic Mobility" (rev. 03/2001: 275 Kb, PDF format; published, Review of Economic Studies, 2002)

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