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Stefan Hoderlein

Associate Professor Stefan Hoderlein

Department of Economics
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 USA
tel: 617.552.6042
fax: 617.552.2308

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Ph.D., University of Bonn and London School of Economics, 2002
Joined the economics faculty, 2010

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Selected Publications

"Revealed Preferences in a Heterogeneous Population," with Jörg Stoye, 2014. Review of Economics and Statistics, 197-213

"Nonparametric Identification in Nonseparable Panel Data Models with Generalized Fixed Effects," with Halbert White, 2012. Journal of Econometrics, 168:2, 300-314

"How Many Consumers are Rational," 2011. Journal of Econometrics, 164:2, 294-309

"Reconsidering the Random Coefficient Model," with Jussi Klemelä and Enno Mammen, 2010. Econometric Theory, 26:3, 804-837

"Identification of Marginal Effects in Nonseparable Models without Monotonicity," with Enno Mammen, 2007. Econometrica, 75:5, 1513-1518

Downloadable Boston College Working Papers

Working Paper 840. Stefan Hoderlein and Yuya Sasaki (Johns Hopkins University), "Outcome Conditioned Treatment Effects" (08/2013; PDF)

Working Paper 839. Xavier D'Haultfoeuille (CREST), Stefan Hoderlein and Yuya Sasaki (Johns Hopkins University), "Nonlinear Difference-in-Differences in Repeated Cross Sections with Continuous Treatments" (08/2013; PDF)

Working Paper 838. Eric Gautier and Stefan Hoderlein, "A Triangular Treatment Effect Model With Random Coefficients In The Selection Equation" (11/2012; PDF)

Working Paper 837. Stefan Hoderlein and Robert Sherman, "Identification And Estimation In A Correlated Random Coefficients Binary Response Model" (07/2012; PDF)

Working Paper 836. Holger Dette (University of Bochum), Stefan Hoderlein and Natalie Neumeyer (University of Hamburg), "Testing Multivariate Economic Restrictions Using Quantiles: The Example of Slutsky Negative Semidefiniteness" (09/2013; PDF)

Working Paper 835. Fabian Dunker (University of Goettingen), Stefan Hoderlein and Hiroaki Kaido (Brown University), "Random Coefficients in Static Games of Complete Information" (03/2013; PDF)

Working Paper 752. Stefan Hoderlein and Hajo Holzmann (University of Karlsruhe), "Demand Analysis as an Ill-Posed Inverse Problem with Semiparametric Specification" (08/2008; PDF)

Working Paper 751. Stefan Hoderlein, "Developments in Nonparametric Demand Analysis: Heterogeneity and Nonparametrics" (12/2008; PDF)

Working Paper 750. Stefan Hoderlein and Joachim Winter (University of Munich), "Structural Measurement Errors in Nonseparable Models" (06/2009; PDF)

Working Paper 749. Berthold R. Haag (HypoVereinsbank), Stefan Hoderlein and Sonya Mihaleva (Brown University), "Testing Homogeneity in Demand Systems Nonparametrically: Theory and Evidence" (09/2009; PDF)

Working Paper 748. Stefan Hoderlein, "How Many Consumers are Rational?" (06/2009; PDF)

Working Paper 747. Stefan Hoderlein, "Endogenous Semiparametric Binary Choice Models with Heteroscedasticity" (06/2009; PDF)

Working Paper 746. Stefan Hoderlein and Halbert White (University of California-San Diego), "Nonparametric Identification in Nonseparable Panel Data Models with Generalized Fixed Effects" (07/2009; PDF)

Working Paper 745. Stefan Hoderlein and Jörg Stoye (New York University), "Revealed Preferences in a Heterogeneous Population" (08/2009; PDF)

Working Paper 668. Stefan Hoderlein and Arthur Lewbel, "Regressor Dimension Reduction with Economic Constraints: The Example of Demand Systems with Many Goods" (rev. 06/2009; PDF)


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