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Associate Professor Robert G. Murphy

Department of Economics
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 USA
tel: 617.552.3688
fax: 617.552.2308
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Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984
Joined the economics faculty, 1984

Research interests:

Macroeconomics and international economics

Current teaching:

Macroeconomics, international economics, economic growth

Curriculum vitae

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Selected Publications

"Explaining Inflation in the Aftermath of the Great Recession," 2014. Journal of Macroeconomics, 40, 228-244

"The Relation Between a University's Football Record and the Size of Its Applicant Pool," with Gregory Trandell, 1994. Economics of Education Review, 13, 265-270

"Interest Rate Parity and the Exchange Risk Premium: Evidence from Panel Data," with E. Scott Mayfield, 1992. Economics Letters 40, 319-324

"Managing the Dollar: Has The Plaza Agreement Mattered?", with Michael Klein and Bruce Mizrach, 1991. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 23 , 742-751

"Capital Mobility and the Relationship Between Saving and Investment Rates in OECD Countries," 1984. Journal of International Money and Finance 3, 327-342

Downloadable Boston College Working Papers

Working Paper 857. Robert G. Murphy and Adam Rohde (Charles River Associates), Rational Bias in Inflation Expectations" (08/2014, pdf)

Working Paper 823. Robert G. Murphy, "Explaining Inflation in the Aftermath of the Great Recession" (rev. 01/2014: PDF; published, Journal of Macroeconomics, 2014, 40, 228-244)

Working Paper 647. Robert G. Murphy and Nicholas G. Tresp (UBS Investment Bank), "Government Policy and the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid" (rev. 08/2006: 248 Kb, PDF)

Working Paper 435. Robert G. Murphy, "What's Behind the Decline in the NAIRU?" (11/1999: 157 Kb, Adobe Acrobat format; published in The Economic Outlook for 2000, S. Hymans., ed., 2000, 135-176)

Working Paper 414. Robert G. Murphy, "Accounting for the Recent Decline in the NAIRU" (11/98: 42 Kb, Adobe Acrobat format; published, Business Economics, 1999, 34, 33-38)

Working Paper 386. Robert G. Murphy, "Household Debt and Aggregate Consumption Expenditures" (rev. 03/1999, PDF; published as "Household Debt and Consumer Spending," Business Economics, 1998, 33, 38-42)

Working Paper 283. Robert G. Murphy, "Macroeconomic Policy Implications of Oil in Colombia" (11/1994; published in Colombia: An Opening Economy, F. Gunter, ed., 1999)

Working Paper 262. John Barkoulas, Alpay Filiztekin and Robert G. Murphy, "The Long-Run Relationship Between Saving And Investment Stylized Fact Or Fiction?" (12/1993; published as "Time Series Evidence on the Saving-Investment Relationship," Applied Economics Letters, 1996, 3, 77-80)

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