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Software for economists

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The BCEC Statistical Software Component Archive
(Stata, RATS, MATLAB, Mathematica, GAUSS)

LaTeX and beamer

Wikibook on LaTeX


Excellent on-line Linux documentation

A beginner's introduction to typesetting with LATEX

Not so short Introduction to LaTeX 2e (PDF format)

Excellent shareware/freeware Windows implementation of LaTeX: WinEdt, MikTeX

TeXShop: an excellent, free PDF previewer for Mac OS X

beamer : slideshows made simple with LaTeX

Creating slides with beamer

CTAN: Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

BiBTeX (bibliography manager) for Finance and Economics journals

Assistance with creating PDFs from Scientific Word


StataCorp Home page

Introduction to Stata (Aug 2011) slideshow

Slideshows on Instrumental Variables | Maximum Likelihood and Nonlinear Least Squares Estimation

Slideshows on Monte Carlo Simulation | Mata programming language | Stata programming

The BCEC Statistical Software Component Archive: latest additions and updates

  • Statistical Computing Portal at UCLA

    StataList archives

    Event studies in Stata


    The Estima (RATS) home page


    The Ox (version 7.0) homepage

    Documentation on the ox programming language

    Steve Bond paper on Dynamic Panel Data Modeling

    Ooms-Doornik paper on ARFIMA Modelling


    The MATLAB home page

    Jim LeSage's MATLAB Econometrics Function Library and documentation (PDF, 1.5 Mb)

    Kelly Pace's Spatial Statistics Toolbox 1.1


    The Mathematica home page


    Links to other Statistical Software providers

    Subscription Service for many Statistics discussion lists

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