Boston College Faculty Elections     2016-2017

The Provost's Advisory Council (PAC) advises the Provost and Dean of Faculties on issues of major importance to the faculty and academic operations of Boston College. The council consists of two members from each division in MCAS and two members from Education, Law, Management, Advancing Studies, Social Work, Nursing, and Theology & Ministry. No more than one member may represent an A&S department. Beginning in 2013, service is for a three-year term. Meetings are held three times per semester, usually on Thursday mornings.

To serve until June 2018:

To serve until June 2019:

To be elected to serve July 2017-June 2020:
One representative from STM

Each slate to be elected by the voters from that school.
Nominees for this council include:

Last updated: 03 April 2017