help for ^egen ... = rmedf ...^       Stas Kolenikov, skolenik@@recep.glasnet.r
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^egen^ [newvartype] newvarname ^= rmedf(^varlist^)^ [^if^ exp] [^in^ range > ]

Description -----------

^egen rmedf^ (via _grmedf.ado file) generates median (across the row, i.e. within the current observation) of varlist, missing values ignored. It essentially reshapes the data (and thus might require a lot of memory), unlike Nick J. Cox's @_grmed@ that constructs the median within the existing data file and requires much less memory. The latter however produces the resulting variable observation by observation and is thus rather slow.

Author ------

Stanislav Kolenikov, skolenik@@recep.glasnet.ru

See also --------

Manual: ^[R] egen^ Online: help for @egen@; help for @_grmed@ if installed