help for avplots4

Graph added-variable plots in a single image

avplots4 [varlist] [, rlopts(cline_options) scatter_options combine_options ]

avplots4 is for use after regress; see help regress.


avplots4 is a variant on official Stata's avplots (see help avplot). It allows specifying a varlist.

avplots4 graphs the added-variable plots for the specified variables in a single image. The variables in varlist may be regressors that are currently in the model or not. If varlist is omitted, all regressors in the model are used.


rlopts(cline_options) affect the rendition of the reference line; see help cline_options.

scatter_options affect the rendition of the plotted points; see help scatter.

combine_options are any of the options documented in help graph_combine. These include options for titling the graph (see help title_options) and options for saving the graph to disk (see help saving_option).


. regress price weight mpg forxmpg foreign . avplots4 mpg displ


Ben Jann, ETH Zurich, jann@soz.gess.ethz.ch

Also see

Manual: [R] regress, [R] regression diagnostics