help bcuse

Title bcuse -- Access BC Economics Stata datasets

Syntax bcuse filename [ , nodesc clear ]


bcuse provides easy access to a number of Stata-format datasets used in BC Economics labs for Statistics (EC151) and Econometric Methods (EC228). If you are told to use the crime1 dataset, give the command bcuse crime1. If you receive an error message, check the web page listing these datasets on the BC Economics web site,

If a Stata data file has been saved in .zip format on the server (usually because it is very large), you may give the filename, including .zip, and the zip file will be copied to your working directory, unzipped, and read into Stata.


nodesc specifies that the dataset should not be described after loading. By default, the describe command is automatically issued after the dataset is loaded.

clear specifies that you want to clear Stata's memory before loading the new dataset.


. bcuse crime1 . bcuse crime1, clear . bcuse crime1, nodesc . bcuse, clear

Author Christopher F Baum, Boston College

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