Help for bigtab

Produce frequency tables for many values

bigtab [varlist] [, row col nocum zero nomiss saving() sepby() alllab nolabel]


bigtab Can be used when you either get a "too many values" error from the tabulate command, want a three-way crosstab, or want to save the frequencies to a separate file. Up to three variables may be requested


row will produce row percentages.

col will prodcue column percentages.

nocum will suppress display of cumulative frequencies and cumulative percents.

zero specifies that combinations with frequency zero are wanted (see the contract command).

nomiss specifies that observations with missing values on any of the variables in varlist will be dropped. If not specified, all observations possible are used (see the contract command).

saving() specifies the name of an output data set.

sepby() specifies where divider lines, if any, should be drawn. Variables from varlist can be specified. If this option is left out, then no divider lines will be drawn. (see the list command).

alllab specifies that all defined labels, even if not observed in the data should be included.

nolabel specifies that value labels should not be used in the display (see the list command).


. bigtab var1 . bigtab var1 var2 var3 . bigtab var1 var2, row col nocum . bigtab var1 var2, saving(freqdata) . bigtab var1 var2, sep(var1) Author Paul H. Bern, Princeton University pbern@princeton.edu

See Also Manual: [R] tabulate, [R] contract, [R] list