help for biplotvlab                                        Jean-benoit Hardouin

Biplot with variable labels

biplotvlab varlist [, labdes(textbox_options) biplot_options)


biplotvlab allows displaying on a biplot graph the labels of the variables instead of the names of the variables. If none label is defined for one or several variables, the names of these variables are displayed instead. biplotvlab replaces the official biplot command.


labdes defines the options to apply to the labels (color, size...).


. biplotvlab turn trunk mpg,norow

. biplotvlab turn trunk mpg,labdes(size(vsmall) color(blue))

. biplotvlab turn trunk mpg, stretch(12)


Ken Higbee (StataCorp) has wroten the first version of this module.

Improvements by Jean-Benoit Hardouin, Regional Health Observatory (ORS) - 1, rue Porte Madeleine - BP 2439 - 45032 Orleans Cedex 1 - France. You can contact the author at jean-benoit.hardouin@orscentre.org and