help for bystore                                      (Author:  David Harrison)

Repeat estimation command storing results

bystore varlist [, nolabel prefix(string) est_table_opts ] : est_cmd


bystore repeats the estimation command est_cmd (see help estcom) on subsets of the data in the manner of by (see help by), storing the results of each estimation (see help estimates).


nolabel specifies that the stored estimation results will be numbered 1, 2, etc rather than labelled using labels derived from the egen function group() (see help egen).

prefix(string) allows users to choose a prefix for the stored estimation results; the default is _E. All existing stored results with this prefix will be dropped.

est_table_opts are any of the options for the command estimates table; see help estimates_table.


. bystore foreign: regress price weight

. bystore foreign, pre(_P) stats(N chi2): poisson rep78 weight


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