help for catploti

Immediate plots of frequencies, fractions or percents of categorical data

catploti {bar|hbar|dot} #11 #12 [...] \ #21 #22 [...] [\ ...] [ , catplot(catplot_options) tabi(tabi_options) ]


catploti calls tabi for the table arguments given (that is, a list of cell frequencies, given left to right and top to bottom, ends of line being indicated by \) and then fires up catplot to draw a graph of the data. The syntaxes catploti bar, catploti hbar and catploti dot are specified to indicate underlying use of graph bar, graph hbar and graph dot respectively.

Note that the rows and columns of the table produced by tabi are specified by variables row and col.


catplot(catplot_options) is a bag for options of catplot.

tabi(tabi_options) is a bag for options of tabi. Note that replace is automatically included, but has no effect beyond the duration of the program.


. catploti bar 23 45 \ 56 78, c(asyvars percent(row))


Nicholas J. Cox, University of Durham n.j.cox@durham.ac.uk


Eva Poen suggested this problem.