help for ^cenpois^                          (Statalist: Hilbe;16Dec1997)
Censored Poisson Regression
- ----------------------------
  ^cenpois^ [depvar [varlist] [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] ] [^, l^evel^(^#^)
          ^lt^olerance^(^#^) ^ir^r ^off^set^(^str^)^ ^CEN^sor(^str^) ]
- -----------
^cenpois^ performs Poisson regression where cases are uncensored or
 left and/or right censored.
- -------
^Censor(^var^)^ specifies the variable that indicates censoring.  
    1 = not censored
    0 = left censored 
   -1 = right censored

The censor option is mandatory. To estiamte an uncensored Poisson model, create a variable named, e.g. cenvar, as gen cenvar=1. Then type the censor option as: cnpois ....., cen(cenvar).

^lt(#)^ = tolerance for convergence ^irr^ = parameter estimates displayed in exponential form; standard errors and CIs adjusted ^off(str)^ = offset variable - log raw var prior to using as offset ^nolog^ = no display of iteration log

Results may be redisplayed by entering the command. Exponential form and C.I. level are allowed as options without reestimation.

Examples - --------

. ^cenpois studytim died drug2 drug3, irr nolog cen(cenvar)^ . ^cenpois infected cases cd4 cd8, nolog irr off(cases) cen(cenvar)^

. ^cenpois, level(90)^ [redisplay]

Also see - --------

Manual: [R] poisson, cnreg On-line: help for @poisson@, @cnreg@

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