help for ^cf2^                                             (see manual:  ^[R] c
> f^)

Compare two datasets --------------------

^cf2^ varlist ^using^ filename [^,^ ^v^erbose ^id(^varname^)^]

Description -----------

^cf2^ is a slight variation of ^cf^ to list the observations where differences exist. Option ^verbose^ must be specified to obtain the listing. Like ^cf^, ^cf2^ compares variables in the dataset in memory (the 'master' data) to the corresponding variables in a file (the 'using' dataset). The variables to be compared are specified in varlist. Alternatively, ^_all^ may be specified to request that all variables be compared. ^cf2^ returns 0 if the specified variables are identical and 9 if there are any differences. Only the variable values are compared. Variable labels, value labels, notes, characteristics, etc. are not compared.

In the listings, variable names given for the 'using' dataset are a slight modification of the actual variable names. If necessary, they are truncated to 7 characters, and all are preceded by an underscore character.

Options -------

^verbose^ reports the result of the comparison variable-by-variable and lists the observations where differences exist. If not specified, only the number of differences are mentioned.

^id(^varname^)^ specifies the record id variable within the master dataset. If specified, this id is displayed as part of the ^verbose^ output.

Examples --------

. ^cf2 mpg weight displ using mydata, verbose^

. ^cf2 _all using mydata, verbose id(make)^

Also see --------

Manual: ^[R] cf^ On-line: help for @compare@