help for ciplot

Plots of confidence intervals

ciplot varlist [if exp] [in range] [weight] [, by(byvar) missing ci_options [horizontal | vertical] rcapopts(rcap_options) scatter_options]


ciplot produces a display of means and confidence intervals. Means are shown by point symbols and intervals by capped bars. ci is used for the calculations. aweights and fweights are allowed; see help on weights.


(note added August 2011)

For fuller flexibility, consider using statsby first and then standard graphics commands (Cox 2010).


by() defines a grouping variable, which is treated as categorical, not measured.

missing, applicable only with by(), specifies that results for groups with missing values of byvar should be included in the display. The default is to exclude them.

ci_options are options of ci apart from separator().

horizontal produces a horizontal display. The default is vertical.

rcapopts(rcap_options) refers to other options of graph twoway rcap.

scatter_options refers to options of graph twoway scatter.


. webuse citytemp

. ciplot heatdd

. ciplot heatdd cooldd

. ciplot heatdd, by(division)

. ciplot heatdd cooldd, by(division) xla(, ang(45))

. ciplot heatdd, hor

. ciplot heatdd cooldd, hor

. ciplot heatdd, by(division) hor

. ciplot heatdd cooldd, by(division) hor


Nicholas J. Cox, Durham University n.j.cox@durham.ac.uk


Marc Kaulisch reported a problem with blanking out axis titles.


Cox, N.J. 2010. Speaking Stata: The statsby strategy. Stata Journal 10: 143-151.

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Manual: [R] ci