help cns


cns -- Calculate the Consensus Measure (Cns) for Ordinal Scales


cns varname [if] [in] , min() max()


cns computes the consensus measure (Cns) presented in Tastle et al. (2005, 98) for ordinal survey scales (Likert scales). To use the command, specify the variable of interest and the required options for the (theoretical) minimum and maximum values of the scale (min < max). Currently, the program supports only one variable at a time.


. cns var1 , min(1) max(5) . cns var2 , min(0) max(4)


Tastle, William J., Mark J. Wierman, and U. Rex Dumdum (2005) "Ranking ordinal scales using the consensus measure," Issues in Information Systems vol. VI no. 2, 96-102.


Matthew S. Openshaw, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA

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cns v1.0 Update 21 Feb 2010