help codCI


codci -- Displays Bonett-Seier's Conf. Interval for a COD in Nonnormal Distributions.


codci varname [if] [in] [, options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Options level(#) sets confidence level (in percent). The default is level(95) or as set by set level; see level ------------------------------------------------------------------------- by may be used with codci; see by.


codci computes Bonett-Seier's Conf. Interval for COD in Nonnormal Distributions.

With the by option, codci allows you to display the output by categories of a grouping variable.

codci takes, as input, one scale variable.


. codci Ratio . by Strata, sort : codci Ratio


Benmamoun, Mamoun, Boeing Institute of International Business, Saint Louis University , Saint Louis, MO, U.S.A. Email if you observe any problem or if you have any comment or question.


Bonett, D. G. and Seier, E. (2006). Confidence Interval for a Coefficient of Dispersion in Nonnormal Distributions. Biometrical Journal 48, 144-148

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