Help for codebook2

Produce a codebook for data in memory

codebook2 [varlist] [using filename] [, type(type) header]

Where "type" is one of: disc - discrete cont - continuous ord - ordinal date - elaspsed date id - identification appx - list values in appendix


codebook2 dislays a codebook for specified variables, or all variables in memory. Based on the codebook command, codebook2 takes a different approach toward deciding on what information to display for specific variables. codebook2 is intended to be used in conjunction with the vartyp command.

The varlist when using the "using filename" form of the command must list each variable singly; common variable lists such as "var1-var12" cannot be used.


type() can be used to set a variable type when one has not been defined for the listed variable(s), or to temporarily change the type. header is used to display information on the data file as a whole - number of variables, number of observations, sort order, etc.


. codebook2 . codebook2, h . codebook2 id birth . codebook2 id, t(id) . codebook2 birth, t(date) h . codebook2 birth using mydata, t(date) h

Author Paul H. Bern, Syracuse University phbern@syr.edu

See Also: Manual: [R] codebook On-line: help for describe, inspect, notes, char