help for ^colelms^ 

Calculating Cole's LMS values and smoothed centiles for growth data --------------------------------------------------------------- ^colelms^ yvar, ^age^group(var) [^sex^(var) ^cent^ile(# # #) ^df^(#) ^n > os^mooth] Variables required ------------------ ^yvar^ -- growth measurements: height, weight or BMI ..

Options ------- ^age^group -- specifies age group variable for LMS calculation.

^sex^ -- specifies sex variable to calculate LMS seperately for males a > nd females ^cent^ile(varname) -- specifies "standard" centiles based on smoothed L > MS values

^df^(#) -- specifies degrees of freedom for GAM (See STB 42)

^nos^mooth -- only calculates LMS

Example -------- .^colelms height, agegroup(agegroup) sex(sex)^ Authors -------- Zhiqiang Wang Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin, Australia wang@@menzies.su.edu.au Mark S Pearce University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK m.s.pearce@@newcastle.ac.uk