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Confirms if directory exists

confirmdir full direcotory name


confirmdir is designed for programmers who want to know if a directory exists. This is just like confirm command when used to confirm a file. If Stata allowed their confirm command to also have the "dir" option, this program would not have been written. Stata's confirm file will confirm a directory in UNIX/Linux but not in Windows. confirmdir works in all operating systems.


. confirmdir "c:\My Favorite Directory\Where I Keep Stuff\"

. confirmdir /projects/ethiopia/survey2002/data/

Saved Results

The confirmdir command saves in r(): Macros r(confirmdir) return code returned by the cd command.


Dan Blanchette The Carolina Population Center University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, USA dan_blanchette@unc.edu

Also see

On-line: confirm cd, tmpdir (if installed)