help for confnd

plot and display change-in-effect estimates after estimation

confnd [, eform forward lockterms(varlist) format(%fmt) vertical graph_options ]


confnd plots and displays effect estimates using stepwise change-in-estimate method for assessing confounding. The first independent variable is the exposure of interest and all other independent variables are potential confounders.


eform reports the estimated coefficients transformed to odds ratios, hazard ratios, relative risk i.e., exp(b) rather than b. Confidence intervals are similarly transformed.

format(%fmt) specifies the display format for presenting numbers in graph and table. format(%9.0g) is the default. forward specifies the forward method, the backward method is the default. lockterms(varlist) specifies variables to be included in all models. vertical plots vertical spike. The default is horizontal graph_options refers to options of graph twoway scatter.


. logistic diabetes bmi age sex cholesterol sbp crp smoking drinking . confnd, eform . confnd, eform(Odds ratio) xline(1)

Author Zhiqiang Wang <z.wang@uq.edu.au> The University of Queensland

Acknowledgments This work was supported by the NHMRC Australia (301024).

Also see On-line: help for confall (if installed)