help for ^copydesc^

Copy description of variable ----------------------------

^copydesc^ fromvar tovar [ ^, w^arn ^r^estrain ]

Description -----------

^copydesc^ copies the format of fromvar, any variable label of fromvar, any value labels of fromvar, and any characteristics of fromvar, so that they also pertain to tovar.

Any attempt to copy a numeric format to a string variable, or vice versa, or to attach value labels to a string variable is by default captured gracefully.

If fromvar has no variable label, the name of fromvar becomes the variable label of tovar.

Remarks -------

^copydesc^ is primarily for use by programmers. For example, it may be desirable that a temporary variable appear to the user as if it were one of the variables specified.

However, interactive uses also occur. For example, tovar might be a slightly modified copy of fromvar: an outlier might be placed in a separate variable and all values but the outlier in tovar.

Some of the code of ^copydesc^ is stolen from the official but undocumented command ^_crcslbl^, but the position of the arguments is reversed.

Options -------

^warn^ specifies that a warning message is to be issued if one variable specified is numeric and the other is string.

^restrain^ specifies that no action is to be taken if one variable specified is numeric and the other is string.

Examples -------- . ^tempvar plotvar^ . ^copydesc myvar `plotvar'^ Author ------

Nicholas J. Cox, University of Durham, U.K. n.j.cox@@durham.ac.uk

Acknowledgments ---------------

Michael Blasnik and Ken Higbee made very helpful comments.