^faam^ program

faam calculates the ^FAAM^ (Foot and Ankle Ability Measure) from your records

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > ---------- ^DISCLAIMER^: Every effort is made to test code as thoroughly as possible but user must accep > t responsibility for use ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > ----------


^faam^ varlist, dim(dimension) gen(scorename)

^varlist^ needs to contain 21 variables for the computation of the activities o > f daily living subscale score. ^varlist^ needs to contain 8 variables for the computation of the sport subscal > e score. Any kind of variable name is admissible.

^dim(^dimension^)^ specifies which subscale is scored and needs to be specified > . Admissible dimensions are "adl" and "sport". "adl" indicates computation of the activities of daily living subscale score. "sport" indicates computation of the sport subscale score.

^gen(^scorename^)^ specifies the name of the generated subscale score and needs > to be specified. Any scorename is admissible.


^faam^ varlist, dim(adl) gen(adlscore) ^faam^ varlist, dim(sport) gen(sportscore) Admissible Values: All variables need to be scored from 4 - 0. The following value labels apply: 4: No difficulty at all 3: Slight difficulty 2: Moderate difficulty 1: Extreme difficulty 0: Unable to do Values outside this range for any variable will terminate the program.

Treatment of Missing Data: Missing data is replaced by the mean score for the applicable subscale. There is a limit of 2 missing values for the activities of daily living subscal > e. There is a limit of 1 missing value for the sport subscale. References: Martin RL, Irrgang JJ, Burdett RG, Conti SF, Van Swearingen JM. Evidence of Validity for the Foot and Ankle Ability Measure (FAAM). Foot & Ankle International 26: 968-983, 2005.

Nauck T, Lohrer H. Translation, cross-cultural adaption and validation of the German version of the Foot and Ankle Ability Measure for patients with chronic ankle instability. British Journal of Sports Medicine 45: 785-790, 2011.

________________________________________________________ AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation Program author: Johann Blauth and Monica Daigl Date: 19.04.2012