Help on far5                                            A. Babiker 18/11/96
Floating absolute risk for Cox and Conditional logit regression v5.0
Command line:
  ^far5^ depvar factor [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] [, ^cov^ars^(^varlist^)^
  ^cm^d^(^command^) de^ad^(^var^) rat^es ^gr^oup^(^var^) ef^orm 
  ^cox^ or ^clogit^ options]

^factor^ = the categorical variable with k>2 levels for which floating absolute risks are to be calulated ^cmd(str)^ = regression command (cox or clogit) ^covars(str)^ = covariates to be fitted in addtion to ^factor^ ^rates^ = use overall crude rate to estimate floating adjusted rates. (Allowed with ^cox^) Results can be redisplayed by entering the command. ^ef^orm displays results in terms of odds ratio for clogit or hazard ratio for cox without ^ra^tes option. With ^ra^tes option in ^cox^ results are displayed in terms of log absolute hazard (`noef^orm) or absolute hazard (^ef^orm).

Examples - --------

. ^far5 time stage, dead(d) ef^

. ^far5 time stage, dead(d) rates^

. ^far5 time stage, cmd(clogit) group(centre) ^

. ^far5, level(99) ef^ [redisplay using odds ratio and 99% conf limits] Also see - -------- Manual: [5s] clogit, cox

Reference - ---------

Easton DF, Peto J and Babiker AG, "Floating absolute risk: An alternative to relative risk in survival and case-control analysis avoiding an arbitrary reference group", Stats in Med, 10(1991), 1025-1035.

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