help for fastcd                                                 Nicholas Winter

Utility to automate changing directories


fastcd code

fastcd cur new_code

fastcd drop existing_code


fastcd automates the process of changing directories within Stata. The command allows you to build a database of commonly-used directory paths, and to associate a short mnemonic code with each.

Typing fastcd by itself displays a list of mnemonics and the associated directories. You can then click on a mnemonic code to change the current Stata system directory to the associated directory.

fastcd code changes the current Stata system directory to the directory associated in the database.

fastcd cur code adds the current directory to the database, and associates the mnemonic code with it.

fastcd drop code drops the specified mnemonic from the database.

fastcd uses the file command to create a file called directoryfile.txt in your personal ado directory (see adopath), containing the mnemonics and associated directory paths. The file command appeared as part of an update to Stata 7, so be sure your Stata is up-to-date.


. fastcd

bowling U:\nwinter\marketing\Putnam\bowlingdata brrsims U:\nwinter\StataData\brrsims ccd c:\usrdata\ccd nascar c:\usrdata\nascar

fastcd code to change directories fastcd cur code to add current directory to database fastcd drop code to drop entry

. fastcd ccd c:\usrdata\ccd


Nicholas Winter Cornell University nw53@cornell.edu


I have used code from Jeroen Weesie's qsort command for sorting the database. Thank you Jeroen!