help for ^fbar^

Bar charts showing frequencies of categorical variables -------------------------------------------------------

^fbar^ varname [weight] [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] [ ^, by(^byvar^) perc^ent ^t^otalpc { ^f^sort | ^rf^sort } graph_options ]

Description -----------

^fbar^ produces a bar chart showing the frequencies (counts or percents) of the categories of varname as vertical bars. The default is to show counts, as modified by any weights (aweights, fweights and iweights are allowed).

^fbar^ is a wrapper for ^graph, bar^.

Options -------

^by(^byvar^)^ means that each category of varname is subdivided by the categories of byvar, and thus represented by a group of bars, or, with the ^stack^ option, by a divided bar. byvar may have up to 6 categories in the observations graphed. See @limits@.

^percent^ means that results are to be reported as percents. By default, if ^by()^ is also specified, percents are percents of the total in each category of varname. To override this default, use the ^totalpc^ option.

^totalpc^ specifies that percents are to be calculated with respect to the total of all categories. See ^percent^ just above. ^totalpc^ by itself to held to imply ^percent^.

^fsort^ specifies that bars are sorted from left to right in order of increasing frequency of varname. ^rfsort^ specifies that bars are sorted from left to right in order of decreasing frequency of varname.

^fsort^ and ^rfsort^ are mutually exclusive.

graph_options are other options allowed with ^graph, bar^. See help for @graph@, especially @grbar@ and @grcolor@, including details on ^stack^, ^shading()^ and ^alt^.

Examples --------

. ^fbar rep78^ . ^fbar rep78, by(for)^ . ^fbar rep78, by(for) perc^ . ^fbar rep78, by(for) perc totalpc^ . ^fbar rep78, by(for) perc totalpc stack^

Author ------ Nicholas J. Cox, University of Durham, U.K. n.j.cox@@durham.ac.uk

Also see --------

On-line: help for @grbar@, @grcolor@, @hist@, @tabhbar@ (if installed), @hbar@ (if installed), @vbar@ (if installed)