help for ^feldti^
by Herve M. CACI, September 1999 (v1.0)

Comparison of two independent coefficients of reliability ---------------------------------------------------------

^feldti^ rel1 rel2, N1() n2() K1() k2()

Description -----------

The reliabilities of two tests (^rel1^ & ^rel2^) are compared between two samples of ^n1^ & ^n2^ subjects. The tests are ^k1^ and ^k2^ items long respectively. The independence of the samples is assumed.

If ^n2^ is not specified, the samples are supposed to be of equal sizes. If ^k2^ is not specified, the tests are supposed to be of equal lengths.

Reference ---------

Feldt L.S. "A test of the hypothesis that Cronbach's alpha or Kuder- Richardson coefficient twenty is the same for two tests", Psychometrika, 1969, 34(3), pp363-373.

Also see --------

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