help for ^fitint^                         (^Neville Verlander and Andre Charlet
> t^)

Fitting a regression model and testing each term ------------------------------------------------

^fitint^ regression_cmd yvar xvarlist [weight] [^if^ exp] [^in^ range] [^,^ ^fac^tor^(^varlist^)^ ^twoway(^varlist [,varlist] ^)^ ^noshow^ regression_cmd_options ]

where regression_cmd is one of

@clogit@ @nbreg@ @scobit@ @cloglog@ @ologit@ @stcox@ @cnreg@ @oprobit@ @streg@ @glm@ @poisson@ @tobit@ @logistic@ @probit@ @logit@ @regress@

Note: The yvar is not required for the stcox and streg commands but the data need to be @stset@

Warning: In order to generate any interactions between continuous variables this program uses the naming convention __x_y (double underscore) where x and y > denote the position of the two variables in the x variable list. In order for this to work any pre-existing variables prefixed __ must be deleted or renamed. > The program will not run until this is done.

Description -----------

Fitint fits a regression model and tests any twoway interactions and any main effects not included in interaction terms. The appropriate test (LR of F) is chosen depending upon the regression model being estimated.

Options -------

^noshow^ suppress the regression table output

^fac^tor(varlist) define those xvarlist terms that are factors

^twoway^(varlist[,varlist]) define those xvarlist terms for which twoway intera > ctions are required. If more than two x-variables are listed then all possible two > way interactions are generated. When a comma is used to separate x-variables li > sts then all possible twoway interactions within each list are generated. e.g. twoway(A B C, D E F) will produce the six interactions A*B A*C B*C D*E D*F > E*F

regression_cmd_options are options appropriate to the regression command in use. The ^cluster()^, ^robust^ and ^noconstant^ options are not available w > ith this command, if these options are issued the program will detected this and exit.

Examples --------

Suppose ^age^ is a continuous variable, ^sex^, ^auber^ and ^okra^ ^categorical^ > :

. fitint glm case age sex okra auber, show factor(sex auber okra) twoway(auber age sex, auber okra) f(bin)

If the user wishes to use the ^logistic^ command, an example might be:

. fitint logistic case age sex okra auber, factor(sex auber okra) twoway(auber age sex, auber okra) asis

Also see --------

Manual: ^[U] 23 Estimation and post-estimation commands^, ^[U] 29 Overview of model estimation in Stata^

On-line: help for @lrtest@, @test@, @anova@; @clogit@, @cloglog@, @cnreg@, @glm@, @logistic@, @logit@, @nbreg@, @ologit@, @oprobit@, @poisson@, @probit@, @regress@, @scobit@, @stcox@, @streg@, @tobit@, @xi@, @lrdr > op1@.