help for ^fndmtch^

Find matching values --------------------

^fndmtch^ varname [ ^if^ exp ] [ ^in^ range ] ^, s^earch^(^searchvarlist^)^ > [ ^l^ist ^g^enerate^(^newvar^)^ ]

Description -----------

^fndmtch^ finds observations in which the value of varname matches (equals) the value(s) of one or more variables in searchvarlist.

Remarks -------

Missing values are not excluded from comparisons by default.

Options -------

^search(^searchvarlist^)^ specifies variables to be searched for matching values. If varname is numeric (string), searchvarlist should all be numeric (string): however, inappropriate variables are trapped with a warning. This is a required option.

^search(_all)^ is a brute force way of searching all variables for matches. ^fndmtch^ automatically ignores the match between varname and itself as one of ^_all^.

^list^ specifies that matching observations and variables should be listed.

^generate(^newvar^)^ specifies a new variable to hold the number of matches. This new variable contains only integers in the range from 0 to the number of variables in searchvarlist. After ^generate(^newvar^)^ Stata_command ^if^ newvar selects observations with matching values.

Saved results -------------

^r(where)^ names of variables with matching values

Examples --------

. ^fndmtch year, s(a b c)^ . ^fndmtch year, s(_all) gen(nmatch)^ . ^list year `r(where)' if nmatch^

Authors -------

Nicholas J. Cox, University of Durham, U.K. n.j.cox@@durham.ac.uk

Desmond E. Williams, NIDDK/NIH, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. demw@@mail.nih.gov

See also --------

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