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fprank -- Two-Sample Fligner-Policello Robust Rank Order Test


fprank varname [if] [in], by(groupvar)

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main * by(groupvar) grouping variable ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * by(groupvar) is required. by may be used with the above commands; see by.


fprank tests the hypothesis that two independent groups are sampled from the same population using the robust rank-order test which is a useful alternative of the Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon test for non-normal populations with unequal variances. This test assumes neither normality, nor equal variances, nor equal shape.

fprank provides the asymptotic p-value which is based on the standard normal distribution. It should be noted, however, that the asymptotic p-value may not be adequate when both samples are <= 12. To obtain the significance of the statistic U when sample sizes are (<=12), refer to the table of critical Values of U for the robust rank order test found in the references below.


. fprank scores, by(group) References

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The two data files attached to this package are from Siegel & Castellan (1988, pp 138-143).


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