help for fpref

fpref -- Adds a prefix or a suffix, or both, to file names by batch


fpref file_extension, option

where option can be prefix(prefix) or suffix(suffix), or both


fpref adds the prefix prefix or the suffix suffix, or both, to existing filenames with file extension file_extension in the current directory

prefix or suffix can be any numeric or string (without blank spaces) that are allowed as part of file names

file_extension can be any file extension, e.g., doc, xls, txt.


. fpref dta, pref(_)

. fpref doc, suff(X)

. fpref txt, pref(_) suff(X)


Thanks to Christopher Baum for his advice on how to make it work on other OS besides Windows (Mac OS X / Linux / Unix)


Arnelyn Abdon University of the Philippines mitchaabdon@gmail.com