help freduse                                                   (SJ6-3: st0110)


freduse -- Import Federal Reserve economic data


freduse series_1 [series_2 ... series_k] [if] [in] [, file clear]


freduse imports data from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) repository into Stata.

The FRED repository at contains more than 3,000 U.S. economic time series. Each time series is stored in a separate file that also contains a string-date variable and header with information about the series. freduse imports a series from a list of files into a Stata dataset.


file specifies that series refer to files stored on a local disk. By default, freduse downloads the FRED series from the repository and imports the downloaded data. You do not need to append .txt to the series names, but you must prepend the directory if the files are not in the current directory.

clear specifies that freduse replace any data in memory with the imported data.


The names of the FRED series are case sensitive. If the name of the series specified at is in capital letters, as most are, you must use capital letters when specifying the name to freduse.


. freduse GS1M CPN3M GS5

. freduse mydir/GS1M mydir/CPN3M mydir/GS5, file clear


David Drukker StataCorp