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Batch File Renamer


fren check the name of files with the extension of file_extension, searching for st1. Whenever a matching str1 is found, it is replaced with str2.


fren file_extension , from(str1) [ to(str2) ]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * from(str1) find to be replaced * to(str2) use to replace occurrences of from() -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Technical note

This program runs only on Windows System!


rename all txt files in current directory. as if there're characters bad in file name, it will be changed to good :

. fren txt, from(bad) to(good)

rename all dta files in current directory. as if there're spaces in file name, it will be trimed :

. fren dta, from(" ") to("")


. fren dta, from(" ")

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Author: Liu wei, The School of Sociology and Population Studies, Renmin University of China. Address: Zhongguancun Street No. 59, Haidian District, ZIP Code: 100872. E-mail: rucwz-stata@yahoo.cn

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