help frontier_teci


frontier_teci - Confidence Intervals for Technical Efficiency Estimates


frontier_teci stub [if] [in] , options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- level(#) set confidence level; default is level(95) -------------------------------------------------------------------------


frontier_teci generates the confidence intervals for technical efficiency estimates following frontier or xtfrontier. Two new variables are creates: stub_l and stub_u for the lower and upper confidence intervals.


webuse xtfrontier1, clear frontier lnwidgets lnworkers lnmachines, ti predict te, te frontier_teci te

webuse frontier1, clear frontier lnoutput lncapital lnlabor, d(t) predict te, te frontier_teci te

Author Scott Merryman Risk Management Agency/USDA


Horrace, William and Peter Schmidt (1996) "Confidence Statements for Efficiency Estimates from Stochastic Frontier Models" The Journal of Productivity Analysis, 7, 257-282.

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