help for ftocci

From floated to conventional confidence intervals

ftocci rrf {lbf ubf | sef} [, ref(#) format(%fmt) level(#) generate(newvar1 newvar2 newvar3) ]

where the

rrf point estimate of the relative risk

is followed by

lbf lower bound of the floated confidence interval ubf upper bound of the floated confidence interval

or by

sef floated standard error of the log relative risk


ftocci back calculates the conventional confidence intervals from the floated confidence intervals or from the floated standard errors of a set of relative risks.


ref(#) specifies the reference exposure category. Default is the first line.

format(%fmt) specifies the display format for presenting numbers. format(%3.2f) is the default; see help format.

level(#) specifies the width of the published floated confidence interval; see help level. The default level is 95%.

generate(newvar1 newvar2 newvar3) specifies that the displayed results (conventional relative risk and confidence limits) to be saved in newvar1, newvar2 and newvar3 respectively.


clear input rrf sef 1 .0544927 1.202145 .0509047 1.521979 .0477249 2.111223 .039682 3.284124 .035919 end ftocci rrf sef

ftocci rrf sef , ref(2) format(%9.0g)

ftocci rrf sef , ref(3) gen(rrc lbc ubc)


Orsini N. From floated to conventional confidence intervals for the rel > ative risks based on published dose-response data. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, in press.


nicola.orsini@ki.se, Karolinska Institutet http://nicolaorsini.altervista.org