help for ^fulltab^ 

syntax -------

^fulltab^ varlist [if] [in] , ^V^als^(^# [ # [...]]^)^ ^M^at(matname) ^MISS^in > g

description ------------

Suppose you want to tabulate a set of variables, say v1 to v15, each of which can take on the same possible values (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5) and stack the resulting frequencies into a matrix using the ^matcell^ option of @tabulate@.

A problem appears when one value, say "5", has count 0 (i.e. never appears in a specific variable, say v12. Then the resulting matrix produced by matcell > has only 4 elements, while the other vectors have 5. And trying to append a row of the wrong length to a matrix will cause an error.

^fulltab^ obviates this problem by temporarily adding observations to your data set, one for each possible value in your list, thus generating full tables > . The counts are all off by one and are corrected before exit. And added observations are dropped.

Options --------

^vals(...)^ is required. It provides the values to be counted.

^mat(.)^ is required. It provides the matrix name.

^missing^ is optional. If present counts will be performed on observations which contain no missing vallues on any of the variables in ^varlist^.

Author -------

Guy D. van Melle University of Lausanne, Switzerland guy.van-melle@@inst.hospvd.ch

Also see --------- @ tabulate@, @matrix@