.- help for ^iccconf^ .-

Confidence Interval for A Single Intraclass Correlation (ICC) -------------------------------------------------------------

.^iccconf <icc> <k> <reps>, level(#)^

^Description^ ^-----------^

^iccconf^ is an immediate command that computes a confidence interval for a single intraclass correlation (ICC). The procedure is based on Rosner's approa > ch using the F-test.

Three inputs are required:

^icc^ is the intraclass correlation. The input must be a value betwee > n 0 and 1

^k^ is the number of subjects ^reps^ is the number of repeated assessments or "within" pair measurements.

^Option^ ^------^ level(#) The level option allows the user to modify the confidence limi > t. Use values between 0 and 1. The default is .95.

Example -------- To find a 95% confidence interval for an ICC of .914, based on 5 observations with 2 replcations each:

^.iccconf .914 5 2^ For a 90% confidence interval for the above example, type:

^.iccconf .914 5 2, level(.9)^

References ---------- Rosner, B. "Fundamentals of Biostatistics, 6th ed" Duxbury, Press (The Thompson Company): Belmont, CA, 2006, pgs 615-616.

Author ------ Paul F. Visintainer, PhD Springfield, MA 01089 visint46@gmail.com

Also see -------- Manual or on-line help for: @loneway@, @xtreg@, or ^bootcor^, ^xtrho^ if instal > led