help for ^ineqdec05^

Inequality indices, with decomposition by subgroup --------------------------------------------------

^ineqdec05^ varname [^[^fweights aweights^]^ ^if^ exp ^in^ range], [^by^group^(^groupvar^)^ ^w^ ^s^umm]

^ineqdec05^ is a stripped-down version of ^ineqdeco5^. Unlike the latter, it will provide estimates using samples containing zero or negative values for varname. But as a result the portfolio of indices estimated is reduced to the p90:p10 ratio, GE(2) = half the squared coefficient of variation, and the Gini coefficient, and Sen's welfare index. (The other indices estimated by ^ineqdeco5^ are not defined for zero and negative values of varname.)

^ineqdec05^ is for use with Stata versions 5 to 8.1. For versions 8.2 onwards, use ^ineqdec0^.

Options ------- ^by^group^(^groupvar^)^ requests inequality decompositions by population subgroup, with subgroup membership summarized by groupvar. ^w^ requests calculation of Sen's welfare index in addition to the inequality index calculations. ^s^umm requests presentation of ^summary, detail^ output for varname.

Saved results ------------- S_9010, S_7525 Percentile ratios p90/p10, p75/p25 S_i2 GE(2) Examples -------- . ^ineqdec05 x [w=wgtvar]^ . ^ineqdec05 x, by(famtype) w^ . ^ineqdec05 x if sex==1, w s^

Author ------ Stephen P. Jenkins <stephenj@@essex.ac.uk> Institute for Social and Economic Research University of Essex, Colchester CO4 3SQ, U.K.

NB minor fixes in February 2001: (i) Made compatible with Stata 7 (NB still runs with Stata 5 and Stata 6.) (ii) bug fix for Gini with fweights (minor).

Also see -------- ^ineqdeco^ if installed.

^inequal^ (sg30: STB-23) if installed; ^rspread^ (sg31: STB23) if installed ^povdeco^ if installed; ^sumdist^ if installed ^inequal2^ (http://fmwww.bc.edu/RePEc/bocode/i) if installed; ^ineqerr^ [STB-51: sg115] if installed