help isa_graph


isa_graph -- Wrapper Program for -isa- for Drawing Graph


isa_graph depvar treatmentvar [indepvars] [if] [in] , tau(real) or tstat(real) [nplots(int)]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Model tau(real) the target size of the coefficient of the treatment variable. tstat(real) the target size of the t-value of the treatment variable. nplots(int) specifies the number of control variables plotted on the graph; default is nplots(5). The first n variables in indepvars are selected.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- depvarlist, treatmentvar, and indepvars, and tau(real) or tstat(real) must be set in the same way as the user set in -isa-.


isa_graph is a wrapper program of -isa- Imbens' (2003) Sensitivity Analysis. This program reproduces the graph after closing the original or manually dropping problematic results. The entries of the following variables must be located in the top rows: isa_partial_rsq_yx isa_partial_rsq_tx isa_plotvar.

Example (after running the example codes in -isa-)

. isa_graph wage union age black other grade married south c_city mnfctr, tau(.314) nplots(8)

Also see

Help: isa and isa_search


If you use this program, please cite:

Imbens, Guido W. 2003. "Sensitivity to Exogeneity Assumptions in Program Evaluation." The American Economic Review 93(2):126-132.

Harada, Masataka "Generalized Sensitivity Analysis." Working paper.