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The isco package consists of a series of programs to recode ISCO-68 (International Classification of Occupations) codes into other occupational scales. Use the isko package to recode ISCO-88 occupational codes. These programs are Stata versions of the SPSS recode files by Harry B.G. Ganzeboom and Donald J. Treiman, which are available at http://www.fss.uu.nl/soc/hg/ismf.

iscolab defines labels for the isco-68 codes using label define. Use label values varname isco to assign these labels to variables containing isco-68 codes. There are no options or arguments for iscolab. See help label for further information.


Ganzeboom, H.B.G., de Graaf, P.M. & D.J. Treiman. 1992. A Standard International Socio-Economic Index of Occupational Status. Social Science Research 21: 1-56.

ILO (International Labour Office). 1968. International Standard Classification of Occupations, revised edition. Geneva: International Labour Office.

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The isco package is available at SSC-IDEAS. Use ssc install isco to obtain the latest version.

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